Where Can I Buy A Bidet?

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Are you confused about where can you buy a bidet then read out this guide about “where can I buy a bidet?”. There are expert recommendations for bidets in this article.

Bidet is now widely used to improve bathroom hygiene. However, many bidets are available on the market, making it challenging to get the best one for your needs. So, you should know where to purchase your bidet.

Where Can I Buy A Bidet?

There are many places where you can shop for your bidet. These include home development stores, online stores, buying-in stores, and other reputable bidet suppliers. 

To help you, here’s a complete guide on where can you buy a bidet:

1. Buying in-store

bidet in store

If you want an integrated or complete bidet, you can buy it in-store. With this, you can exactly see the model and take measurements. More importantly, you can ask about the functions of the bidet before you take it home.

You can ask the store if the bidet needs a special connection, such as an electrical connection. It is also essential to measure the toilet bowl, toilet, and toilet seat before you purchase at the store. 

2. Online store 

With the rise of digital technology, online shopping is famous worldwide. You can order your bidet from an online store like Amazon, eBay, and other trusted stores and enjoy good savings.

You can browse conveniently at home to find different bidet toilet seats, bidets, and bidet attachments.

However, unlike buying in-store, online shopping can be based on videos, photos, and descriptions. You can’t see and feel the model you’re purchasing. 

So, to avoid potential problems in buying your bidet online, make sure to purchase from reputable online dealers to avoid being scammed. With that, you also have peace of mind that the money and time you invest in it are all worth it.

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What are the things you need to consider when buying your bidet? 

When it comes to shopping for your bidet, you should consider the following factors to get the best quality bidet for your specific needs. 

1. Spray function

One thing to consider when buying a bidet is its spray function. Most bidets have a primary spray function allowing you to adjust the angle and pressure of the spray. 

There are also more advanced models with different settings to help you get the best function for your bathroom. 

2. Temperature control 

You should remember the temperature control for the safe use of your bidet. Thus, you will use it in your sensitive areas. Choose one that allows you to set the best temperature for your personal cleaning needs. 

3. Nozzle 

Remember that a bidet may come with a single or more nozzle to control the water direction and pressure. Nozzles may come in 3 types, including a dual-nozzle, single-nozzle, and combined nozzle. 

Choose the nozzle type that suits your individual needs. 

4. Cost 

According to HomeAdvisor, the price of a bidet attachment is about $80, and installation of an integrated bidet toilet may be more than $2500. So, you may pay around $800 to $1560. 

Before you get your bidet, you should consider its cost. With this, you can get one that suits your budget and needs. 

5. Additional features

It is also a good idea to look for additional features while shopping for your bidet. These features may improve your experience as you use the bide. Some extra features are a feminine wash, oscillating wash, heated seat, nightlights, deodorizes, etc. 

6. Type 

You should also check the type of bidet you want to purchase. Do you prefer classic bidets, handheld bidet sprayers, bidet toilets, non-electric bidet toilet seats, electric bidet toilet seats, or bidet attachments? 

By considering these factors, you can buy the best bidet that will help you improve bathroom hygiene. 

What are the best bidets in the market? 

With many options of bidets available, you should pick quality products. Some of the best products you can get are:

1. Sethersons Bidet Converter Kit

It can be the best bidet you can purchase to keep your bathroom clean and sanitized. The money you invest in it is worth it because it can help you clean yourself thoroughly after using the toilet. 

2. Brondell Swash 300

Brondell Swash 300
  • Posterior and feminine warm water washes
  • Dual retractable self-cleaning nozzles
  • Ergonomic gentle-closing heated seat with quick release

This model is another quality bidet equipped with innovative features to meet your bathroom needs. It was an electric bidet that you could avail of at only an affordable cost. 

3. Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000
  • WATER DOES IT BETTER – Choose from a variety of settings including rear wash, front...
  • ULTIMATE BATHROOM UPGRADE - Sit down to a comfortable heated seat with built-in night...
  • DESIGNED FOR EVERY BODY - Reduce the need for toilet paper with the built-in warm air...

The Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 is a high-end electric bidet that can offer you a luxurious experience. The water flows from a stainless-steel nozzle that offers feminine front, rear, and vortex enema modes. 

If you have high standards for your bidet needs, you can choose from these quality products. 


Q: Is purchasing a bidet a good investment?

Yes, buying a bidet for your bathroom is a good investment. It helps to maintain cleanliness in your bathroom and allows you to clean yourself thoroughly after pooping and peeing. 

Q: Which is better to purchase your bidet, online or in-store?

Where to shop your bidet is a matter of preference. If you want to see the model precisely, it is ideal to get it from a buying in-store. If you want to save money and time, you can also shop it online, but ensure to buy it only from reliable online stores such as Amazon. 

Q: What should you buy for your first bidet installation, manual or electric?

If it’s your first time buying a bidet for your bathroom, it can be a good idea to buy a manual bidet. With this, you can quickly learn how it functions. Additionally, you have control over the direction and pressure of the water for more convenient use. 

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, there are many ways to buy your bidet. You can buy it online or in a buy-in store. It can depend on you where you will shop your bidet. 

Consider the tips mentioned in this article to get a quality bidet that will help you maintain proper bathroom hygiene.

With lots of options in the market, make sure to carefully select the product that will satisfy your needs.

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