What Does a Bidet Feel Like?

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When you use the bidet for the first time or you are used to wiping, you might wonder “What Does a Bidet Feel Like?“.

For starters, you will have 100% efficacy when you use a bidet. Even if there are piles of hair, you won’t easily feel the cold. Also, you don’t need to use toilet paper, or even drying won’t even be necessary.

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What Does a Bidet Feel Like?

Depending on the water temperature you have set your bidet to, using it feels like a mist of either chilly or warm water.

Most people are not accustomed to this kind of feeling and thus may first present itself to some people as a strange experience.

Nonetheless, most bidet users regard the experience as being relaxing and positive on the whole. 

1. It Can Bring You a Cleaner Bum 

Toilet paper isn’t as efficient and clean as you expect. Did you know that the chemicals found in those could be dangerous to your health? Wiping toilet paper on your butt will also leave residues on the skin. 

Washing your bottom with a pressurized water stream means your stool and urine will be taken away properly without leaving any remains. 

2. It Won’t Spray Poop Everywhere

Your hands could be in touch with the poop-containing particles when you try to wipe your butt with toilet paper. If you forget to close the lid, such particles will spray over your toilet through flushing.

The great thing about bidet is that you can have a 100% hands-free experience. It comes with a self-close lid, making such particles flush away from your pipes. 

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3. It Provides Overall Comfort 

Most individuals who have used bidets won’t go back to toilet paper. The delicate water stream leads to a more relaxed bathroom experience. It also won’t cause any irritation or damage to your bum. 

Do you have sensitive health conditions in those areas? You know that wiping with toilet paper could worsen your condition and cause more irritation. In that case, bidet could certainly make your life a lot easier. 

4. It Lessens Your Risk of Hemorrhoids and Relieves Anus Pressure

Did you know that pressure on your lower rectum is the major cause of hemorrhoids? Wiping with a toilet could trigger irritation on the anus, but washing with a water stream could help relieve the pressure on that part.

It will also benefit both men and women, considering how many hours you sit on a chair daily. 

Do Bidets Feel Great?

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Yes, bidets feel great. One of the reasons is that they clean much better than toilet paper. That also means a cleaner bum leading you to feel refreshed. 

Another important thing is that bidets stimulate the anal and frontal regions. The anus is innervated with particular nerve endings, which sense everything from temperature and touch to changes in tension and pressure. Other nerves that supply the anal sphincter expand to supply the genitals. 

How Do You Use a Bidet?

Normally, a bidet works as a freestanding plumbing fixture near your toilet. The standalone fixtures need a licensed and skilled plumber to install the bidet using existing plumbing. Other bidets spray water from your front toward the back, while a few spray water upwards from the bowl’s bottom.

Depending on the amount of space your bathroom has, you can ask your trusted plumber about changing your toilet for one with an integrated bidet washlet. Washlets work by incorporating a bidet seat into an existing toilet.

Other manufacturers design toilets with washlets already provided. Some are sold as separate accessories and also need a nearby power source.

All bidets—washlets and standalone fixtures—work with small nozzles and jets that project water for cleaning purposes. 

Who Uses a Bidet?

Bidets are most common in parts of Latin America, Asia, and Europe, but most Americans are not used to these fixtures. An estimated twenty percent of homes in France have a bidet installed. Other estimates put that figure even higher for Italy. 

The numbers may be lower for North America, but that does not suggest you cannot have a bidet—simply visit your bathroom supply store or online retailer. Also, bidets make life simpler for individuals with limited mobility and those recovering from injury or surgery.

You don’t need help bathing if you have one of those convenient devices at home. Further, they come in handy for anyone who has difficulty reaching their feet or bending over. 

For instance, do you wear orthopedic shoes or work on your feet throughout the day? A bidet is a perfect way to get clean without straining yourself.

Women who wear skirts often find it easier to wash after using a bidet than before putting on their garments. While they are not strictly needed, they do add a level of luxury and comfort to any bathroom. 

There’s no doubt that bidets are super easy to install, hygienic, and good for the environment. If you’re looking for one but don’t know what to choose, consider reading our article on the best bidet convertible kits. 


Q: Do Bidets Feel Weird?

No. There’s not anything to feel weird about using a bidet. Indeed, it can be uncomfortable for new users who have never used one before. But after a few uses, you will get used to it, and we’re certain you’ll love using a bidet.

Q: Do Bidets Feel Good for Women?

These days, bidets come with numerous features that are practical for women. One of them is a feminine wash. The gentle cleansing of the feminine wash rinses the vaginal area clean, eliminates odor, and helps to make what can be an uncomfortable time of the month a little more enjoyable. 

Q: Can a Bidet Arouse You?

Other users report that a bidet does arouse them when the water spray hits the right spot with the right pressure. The pressure from the bidet water can stimulate the clitoris and anus to obtain arousal and enable them to reach climax. That way, a person can use a bidet for pleasure. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, using a bidet to clean your private area certainly feels good and refreshing. It cleans better than toilet paper. Seriously, what can clean better than water?

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