Warm Water Bidet Without Sink: Is It Possible?

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Considering the amount of time you spend in the bathroom, it makes sense to have a great toilet seat and a comfortable one too.

If you’re used to having a bidet in your home bathroom, you’ll miss that super clean, warm water bidet when you’re on vacation or traveling. Whether battery-powered or rechargeable, warm water bidet without sink do what they’re made for.

If portable bidets are not your preference and you would like a bidet you can install in your home, consider reading our article on the best bidet convertible kits.

Best Warm Water Bidet Without Sink

A warm water bidet without sink can make a cold bathroom much more bearable in winter. It will help keep you cozy and warm while sitting on your throne to do your business.

Here are a few of the best battery or electric-powered bidets you can consider buying in 2022.

1. Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet

Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet
  • Size: 400 ml.EASY NOZZLE STORAGE: unique nozzle design provides the most convenient...
  • ERGONOMIC: soft squeeze bottle
  • CONSISTENT SPRAY: air lock allows for a consistent spray after each squeeze

Thanks to Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet, you can easily accomplish your hygiene goals and wash anywhere at any time. The discreet carrying bag and easy-to-store nozzle make this warm water bidet without sink perfect for traveling. 

You must pour in fresh water, twist on the bottle cap, and point the versatile nozzle toward your bum. You can squeeze the soft bottle to wash gently. No battery is needed as well. 

Also, the angled spray head of this portable bidet is made to enable you to optimally clean and reach a focused target. 

2. Meidong Portable Travel Electric Bidet

Meidong Portable Travel Electric Bidet
  • ✅PORTABLE TRAVEL BIDET: The portable bidet sprayer is perfect for personal care...
  • ✅UPGRADE EXTREME EXPERENCE: Our travel bidet Providing a new refreshing...
  • ✅EASY TO USE: The easy way to refresh yourself after bath or toilet use,remove the...

The Meidong Portable Electric Bidet is suitable for personal care hygiene refresher in the comfort of your office, home, travel, and so much more. This portable bidet is widely used for baby flushing, hygienic pregnancy washing, student living in school, or even daily cleaning for seniors. 

This bidet is powered with two AAA batteries. It’s lightweight, small, foldable, and takes little space in your bag. It is also functional and does not take up any space when packed. 

Its flexible 180-degrees travel bidet nozzle could be adjusted based on your habits and posture, not to mention the water spray is stable too. 

3. toto Portable Bidet

toto Portable Bidet
  • Body size: W6.7 × D29.8 × H4.6cm (when used), W6.7 × D13.0 × H4.6cm (when...
  • Material Material: ABS plastic Country of origin: Japan
  • Water discharge duration: about 23 seconds Tank capacity: about 180ml

The toto Portable Bidet is made of highly durable plastic material. It features an intuitive design and can fit compactly in a travel bag. Its nozzle provides separate spray patterns, so you can effectively clean your front and rear bottom. 

It can hold 180 millimeters of water. But for its great cleaning capabilities, you don’t need it anymore. It can also provide a powerful flow rate of 8-9 ml per second. Every cycle provides 20-22 seconds of cleaning action to complete the task in most scenarios. 

4. Hibbent Portable Bidet

Hibbent Portable Bidet
  • [Dual Spray Function] The Hibbent bidet handy toilette features dual spray functions...
  • [Water Filling Mode] With two combining style for water filling, the bottle adapter...
  • [Waterproof and Low Motor Noise] The bidet is composed of high-quality ABS plastic...

The Hibbent Portable Bidet is an electric USB portable bidet. It uses USB power, so you don’t need to store an extra battery in your bag. It’s compact and simple, ideal for your travel needs. 

The bottle adapter is a unique feature of this portable bidet, as you can use the customized big water bottle as a container. You can connect the sprayer to the water bottle if you want to use an adapter.

The USB power feature of this bidet is a plus point. You can conveniently charge it using a power bank, phone charger, or a car adapter. How cool is that? 

5. TENSURELIN Upgraded Electric Portable Travel Bidet

TENSURELIN Upgraded Electric Portable Travel Bidet
  • 【New Upgrades】 One 400ml fitting water bottle (thickened and reusable) is...
  • 【New Refreshing Experience】 Our mini travel bidet provides a more effective way...
  • 【Easy to Use】 Remove the cover, fill it with warm or cold water. Then invert the...

The TENSURELIN Electric Bidet allows you to manually adjust the nozzle to 180 degrees for smooth targeting. The battery of this portable bidet can be recharged with a USB charging line and can go at least 100 cycles. 

You can also set the water pressure too low or high. It’s simple to use; remove the cover and transfer your cold or warm water. Turn the bidet upside down and press the low or high button to wash. 

What Do You Need to Consider When Buying a Warm Water Bidet Without Sink?

Here are some important factors you must consider when looking for an electric or battery-powered bidet. 

1. Battery Size 

A warm water bidet without sink employs different batteries. The AA is the longest-lasting, but the C is the shorter. It can be charged on any USB charger, including most cellphone chargers. 

AAA batteries are smaller and convenient for traveling. However, they don’t last like AA or C-sized cells.

Depending on how often you utilize your warm bidet seat, you will require at least three to six AAA batteries per night. 

2. Water Pressure

Electric or battery-powered bidets have two water pressures: low and high. The water pressure may not be too powerful, but it can complete the task.

Also, the water pressure is contributed by how much the battery is charged. That’s why try to charge or change your bidet’s battery after using it for a few washes. 

3. Nozzles 

Most portable bidets have a narrow nozzle sprayer. Others have wider nozzles to cover more area. The latter is better as they clean faster and more thoroughly. 

4. Water Capacity 

A standard travel bidet can hold between 140 ml and 200 ml of water. How much you’ll need will depend on how much cleaning you must do. Normally, a high-pressure wash only needs 30 seconds of spraying to complete the task. 


Q: How Much Water Does a Warm Water Bidet Without a Sink Hold?

Electric bidets hold between 110 ml to 230 ml of water. But remember that every user’s needs are different, and you may find that, even though a 110 ml bidet is compact and nice, you may still need to refill a reservoir more than once to get clean. 

Q: Do I Need to Hold Down the Button of a Portable Bidet to Use It?

You don’t need to hold down the buttons of an electric or battery-powered bidet to run the water flow. The buttons are the “click-on-click-off type.” You only need to press the button; the water will stream until you press the button again or the water completely runs out.

Q: Which Is Better: Battery-Operated or Electric Bidets?

Rechargeable travel bidets work for at least 30 days (about 100 uses) on a single charge with a charging time of two hours. Meanwhile, standard batteries last for at least four months with the same use. However, it doesn’t have battery level indications. 

Final Thoughts

A warm water bidet without a sink is essential if you are traveling or would rather not use toilet paper for whatever reason. They are much better to use than non-electric and have better water pressure.

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