Sethersons Handheld Bidet Sprayer Head

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Sethersons Bidet Sprayer is the best choice for bottom cleaning to improve personal hygiene, especially for women’s pregnancy and menstrual cycles. Its one-hand ergonomic design allows you to easily clean your front or back without worrying about hygiene and saving toilet paper.

  • Provides ultimate personal hygiene
  • One-hand ergonomic design
  • 2 modes, spray or mist spray
  • Good water pressure with long range
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Top Features

  • Easy to install
  • 2 water pressure modes – spray and mist spray
  • Multipurpose usage: Cloth diaper sprayer, pet shower, car wash gun, flowers Sprayer, baby bathing shower, toilet sprayer washer, and hygienic sprayer.
  • Great for environment


Material: Plastic
Color: White, Black
Connection: G1/2″

Package Includes: 1 x Bidet Sprayer Head

Our Happy Customers

409+ reviews
Joan Musk
Highly recommended
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I'm moderately handy and installing this bidet converter kit was a breeze. The instructions are good enough that really anyone with an adjustable wrench can put one of these on. The self cleaning function is nice and the knobs are in a good location to be reached easily.
My wife is impressed
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My wife loves it. She says it is possibly one of the best purchases we have ever made and wishes we would have had one years ago. So, for all the married men out there, seems like an odd gift to purchase for a special occasion, but if you wanted to purchase something out of the blue that she might like, well, this might be your purchase to make.
Shannon Fortuna
Great product, easy to use!
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Sethersons Bidet Convert Kit has been life changing for our family. My wife was super skeptical about this device but I wasn’t so I bought it and installed it anyway. I was the first to use it and at first, the spray was a bit of a shock. But once the water started flowing I got used to it. When I was done my butt already felt cleaner than normal.


If you are new to toilet bidet attachments, there might be some questions on your mind. Here are the answers:

The water that the bidet sprays comes from the water supply. When connected, hot water comes from sink connection and doesn’t require electricity.

It’s not necessary but you can use a toilet paper after using bidet. Most people use 2-3 squares to dab dry while some use dedicated towels to dry.

If you’ve a flat toilet seat, most probably yes. Our Sethersons Bidet Convert Kit fits almost all the flat toilet seats.

No, the nozzles are retracted and covered so they do not get in the way and maintain hygiene. Plus, our product comes with a built in a self cleaning system so the nozzles are rinsed before each use.

For the cold water, the temperature is room-temperature as it sits in the water pipes. For hot water, the water is sourced from sink connection. You have the option to control water temperature.

Sethersons Bidet Attachment can be cleaned with a soft cloth and standard mild cleaning detergents. Since it is so easy to install, it’s easy to completely remove if you ever want to deep clean your toilet.