How To Not Leave Toilet Paper Residue?

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After you poop, you tend to leave toilet paper residue on your butt. It may leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Don’t worry because there are some ways to avoid leaving toilet paper residue after a bowel movement. In this guide, we have discussed how to not leave toilet paper residue.

How To Not Leave Toilet Paper Residue?

There are many ways how not to leave toilet paper residue. You can use unscented wet wipes. You can also rinse clean using a bidet. 

Here are some ways you can do to avoid toilet paper residue:

1. Use a Bidet

Using a bidet is a good alternative for toilet paper. The water will flow upward, cleaning your rectum. You may feel slightly wet utilizing a bidet, so you can use some cloth to dry off

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2. Sanitary Pad

Another way to avoid toilet paper residue is to use a sanitary pad. It is soft and absorbent but thicker compared to traditional toilet paper. Don’t flush sanitary pads. 

3. Wet Wipes

To prevent irritation caused by toilet paper, you can use wet wipes. Choose those who are ideal for sensitive skin. 

4. Avoid Excessive or Aggressive Wiping

Excessive wiping can cause rectum irritation. You can rinse the area instead of wiping excessively. You can prefer a bidet attachment. 

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5. Check Direction 

Ensure wiping from front to back to avoid exposing the urethra to bacteria.

6. Sponges

Sponges are soft and absorbent, but they can be challenging to use. Make sure to wet it before using it to make it soft. Don’t reuse the sponge after a bowel movement. 

Why Do Some People Wipe So Much?

After a bowel movement, you may wipe so much. If you can’t feel completely clean, it can also be caused by some health conditions. These may include the following.

1. Anal Skin Tags

These are skin growths due to recurrent inflammation, irritation, or friction. The condition can be caused by Crohn’s disease, chronic diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and constipation. 

2. Fistula or Anal Abscess

An anal abscess is an infection on the anal gland causing redness, drainage, and pain in the rectal area.

This drainage can be pus, blood, or stool. Fistulas can be developed due to untreated anal abscesses.

3. Hemorrhoids

You may also wipe so much if you have hemorrhoids. According to research, about 1 in 20 adults in the US and half of adults 50 years old and above can have hemorrhoids. 

These are swollen veins outside or inside the rectum. The symptoms of the condition include pain, itching, and bleeding. 

4. Bowel Leakage

Also called fecal incontinence, bowel leakage can also be the cause of wiping too much. You can leak stool if you pass gas. 

5. Pruritus Ani

Pruritus ani is also called anal itching. It can lead to skin irritation due to sweat, harsh fragrances or soaps, excessive cleaning, and stool. This condition can cause burning, irritation, and overall discomfort.     

What Are Possible Complications From Poor Wiping?

Poor wiping can lead to some complications. For women, it may increase the risk of the following conditions:

On the other hand, men can experience issues like:

  • Itching
  • UTI
  • General discomfort

What Can You Do to Treat the Underlying Causes of Difficulty in Wiping?

If you want to improve wiping after using the toilet, you can consider the following tips. 

Soak in a sitz bath or use Epsom salts to reduce rectal area inflammation. It can also lower irritation and itching after a bowel movement. 

Take more water and fiber. It can be beneficial for adding bulk to your stool, making it easier to pass.

If you feel discomfort due to constipation, increase your fiber consumption. Eat more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. 

Take over-the-counter stool softener. It lowers straining, which may worsen hemorrhoids. 

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What Should You Avoid to Improve Wiping After Using the Toilet?

Now that you have learned the tips to treat underlying causes of difficulty in wiping, you should also know what to avoid. 

Don’t use fragrant products in your rectal area, including soaps, toilet paper, or lotions, to avoid irritation. 

Avoid drinks and foods that may irritate the digestive tract and may cause diarrhea. These may include onions, spicy foods, caffeine-containing drinks, and foods and sugar substitutes. 

These tips can help to avoid discomfort and irritation. 

When Should You See a Doctor?

You should immediately seek medical attention if you suffer from sudden and extreme pain associated with bowel movements.

See your doctor if you experience bleeding. It can indicate several conditions like severe hemorrhoid, gastrointestinal bleeding, or anal fistula. 

The doctor can also suggest OTC treatments for your bowel and wiping problems. These treatments may include pelvic floor exercises, bowel training, prescription medications, and surgery. 


Q: Is Wiping With Toilet Tissue Enough?

If you want to feel deeply clean, wiping toilet paper is not enough. You can use a bidet for a more thorough cleaning. So, you can have a fresher feeling. 

Q: What if You Keep Wiping, but the Poop Is Still There?

If you wipe more times, but it doesn’t feel completely clean, you may have some health concerns. With this, you should seek advice from your doctor. 

Q: How Many Times Should You Wipe After You Poop?

The number of times you need to wipe can depend on you. It is a matter of preference. If you observe that you don’t feel completely clean after many wipes, talk to your doctor.

Final Words 

If you don’t feel completely clean after a bowel movement, don’t panic because you’re not alone. There are several ways how to not leave toilet paper residue after going to the bathroom. 

One of the best ways not to leave toilet paper residue is to use a bidet. It can provide a thorough cleansing after you poop. It is easy to install and is environment-friendly. 

If you’re interested in a new bidet attachment, you can opt for Sethersons Bidet Converter Kit. It is a quality product that can help you feel fresher whenever you leave the toilet.

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