How to Make Bidet Water Warm?

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There’s no denying that bidets are soothing and far superior to paper towels when cleaning. While some non-electric bidet seats and attachments do not have warm water functions, numerous modern bidet toilet seats have a warm water bidet function.

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How to Make Bidet Water Warm?

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You can get a bidet that does not offer warm water washing. However, numerous bidet toilet seats will come standard along with a warm water washing feature. The main difference between warm water bidets is the process utilized to heat the water. 

1. Bidet With Water Tankless Heaters

An electric bidet seat featuring a slim design is one with a tankless water heater. It does not employ a tank to store warm water, but it would save much space, letting you sit comfortably on the bidet. 

These heaters utilize the coil to heat the water passing through so it wouldn’t need an additional tank. With this option, you can also enjoy unlimited warm water, as the coil could warm your water in no time. 

These tankless water heaters also boast a higher maximum power consumption but will save more electricity. That’s because the heaters do not operate when the bidet is not in use. That also indicates it may require more electricity. 

2. Bidet With Water Tank Heaters

Most entry-level electric bidet seats utilize water tank heaters. You can recognize those models immediately as they feature a water reservoir in the main unit’s rear section, making this option much bigger than other bidets.

You may also feel somewhat uncomfortable in the first place, as the tank consumes more space in the rear. The bidet option works by preheating the water inside the tank. When you activate the bidet, the heated water will flow from the tank to wash your private area.

Also, the water temperature is continuous, and the water pressure is high. The only drawback is that the warm water could run out within thirty seconds. These can’t heat the water from the water supply, so the water will slowly cool down. 

3. Warm Water from the Hot Water Line

Numerous non-electric bidets only provide unheated water, right? However, you could still find some warm water in the market. Such models do not use electricity to heat the water. Alternatively, they employ your home’s hot water line.

You can change the water pressure and temperature of such bidets. However, they do not have added advanced features. Also, you can get them at a much lower price. How cool is that? 

Is It Important to Wash My Butt With Bidet Warm Water?

If the health professionals are to be believed, merely wiping your butt with toilet paper can make you prone to different health conditions. Below we have discussed some points that will help you understand.

1. Excess Wiping Can Cause Health Problems

When used excessively, the toilet paper you used to clean your bum can cause extreme damage to the sensitive skin around your bum. That practice can also make you susceptible to health conditions such as UTIs and anal fissures. 

Thus, washing with warm bidet water is a healthy practice. 

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2. It Leaves Behind Fecal Traces

Merely wiping your bottom could leave poop behind. That could make you prone to numerous health conditions that could even result in infections. 

3. Wiping Aggressively Is Harmful

Another risky way to harm your soft-skinned butts is wiping aggressively. Also, doing so can chaff your behind and take more time to heal. 

4. Hygiene Always Matters

Let’s be honest. Wiping your butt alone is unhygienic, not to mention it can make your hands dirty. After wiping, you should also wash your hands thoroughly, or else you can make yourself prone to health problems. 

5. Toilet Paper May Contain Bleach

You may not know it, but white toilet paper could have bleach. Chlorine bleach could be extremely toxic, and if it gets built up in the body, it can be responsible for serious health conditions. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Bidet Warm Water?

Most bidet toilets have a selection of temperatures you can choose from. Others even have a heated, dry setting that can make the whole experience even more comfortable on your part. Also, the temperature you pick can depend on your preference and what feels best for you.

1. Better Hygiene

The warm water from bidet offers better hygiene as it removes germs. Washing with warm water can lead to fewer bacteria on your hands. A bidet with an adjustable water temperature and a heater seat offers the utmost cleanliness and comfort. 

2. More Comfortable 

Washing with warm water can feel more soothing and offer a sense of sanitation that can’t be reproduced with cold water. Also, bidet toilet seats with different temperatures of water make it simple to find the best water temperature for you. 

One of the best bidets in the market today with a water temperature function is Sethersons Bidet Converter Kit. It can keep you warm during the cold winter season and cool you off when the weather starts heating up, thanks to its adjustable water temperature controller. 


Q: Is Bidet With Warm Water Function Worth It?

Yes. Bidets with adjustable water temperatures can help lessen the amount of toilet paper you consume. That can be a more economical and eco-friendly option.

Q: Can a Bidet Help With Constipation?

 Yes. Providing hot water flow to your anal area with a bidet can efficiently minimize the severity of constipation. 

Q: Should I Get a Bidet With Warm Water?

The remote control of your bidet enables you to change the temperature for the best comfort. Warm water soothes your skin and will clean your bum area thoroughly as if you have just taken a shower. 

Final Thoughts

Everybody is different, so it is essential to experiment first to determine what water temperature is ideal for you when using a bidet toilet seat. These seats with adjustable water temperatures make it simple to get the ideal setting, enabling you to enjoy all the benefits of a bidet.

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