How To Lower Bidet Water Pressure When It’s too high? (9 Ways to Follow)

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The most common issue that bidet users face is high water pressure. Excessive pressure can be sensitive to your skin and cause discomfort. Luckily, you can use various ways to resolve this problem.

You can solve a high bidet water pressure issue by adjusting the T valve to reduce the overall pressure that the tank receives. Other solutions include partially closing the shutoff valve or adjusting the nozzle of the sprayers.

If you want to learn more about ways to lower bidet water pressure when it’s too high, you’re in the right place. Here is a complete guide to help you.

How to Lower Bidet Water Pressure When It’s Too High?

Here are the top 9 ways to lower bidet water pressure when it’s too high:

First, turn Off the Shutoff Valve Partially

Non-electric bidets come with shutoff valves for maintaining the pressure of the tool. The top thing to remember is that this valve uses the property’s water pressure. This is why your sprayers and bidets offer water at excessively high pressure.

You can regulate the pressure by turning off the valve which will partially reduce the sensitivity. The valve that supplies that bidet and your toilet primarily works at 80 PSI or higher pressure. Partially closing will reduce the value significantly for a more comfortable experience.

Remember, you should never turn off the shutoff completely. This is because the same valve controls the water supply to the toilet tank and the bidet. So completely closing the part will prevent water from filling in the tank after every flush.

The shutoff valve is usually beneath the toilet tank and attached to the ground through a robust pipe. Partial turning off will slow down the water-filling process of the tank, but you will still be able to flush the toilet.

Adjust the T-Connector

The T-connector or T-valves that come with new bidets are usually non-adjustable. However, you can replace the part by getting a valve with an adjustable lever from the market. In addition, many models are present on Amazon and other online shopping sites for ease of use.

You can adjust the T-valve by partially turning it to reduce the water pressure of your bidet. The best part about this solution is that you don’t have to worry about your tank’s water supply getting affected. A T-valve controls the bidet’s pressure and not the toilet itself.

The best way to identify the T-valve is by checking the toilet tank. It is attached with three parts:

  1. Toilet tank
  2. Water supply hose
  3. Bidet hose

Adjusting the T-valve is also more reliable than the partial turning off of the shutoff valve because of the separate working mechanism.

One of the drawbacks of non-electric bidets and seats is that they don’t contain any advanced mechanism for maintaining water pressure. This is why a regulator is not present in the standard bidets. However, you can install a water pressure regulator on your property’s overall water supply to control the rate.

Install a Water Pressure Regulator

The shutoff valve mainly receives water from the primary water supply and transfers it to the bidet without pressure adjustment. If you use a regulator to reduce the pressure of the water that enters the valve, you will also end up decreasing the momentum of the water that is released from the bidet.

You must ensure the pressure regulator you are installing in your home is compatible with the main supply. Another factor in getting right is that the tool will control the bidet’s flow rate. The last thing you must consider is the ease of installation and use when purchasing the regulator.

The best part about a regulator is that it can help you avoid various issues, such as pipe leaks and fixture damage. Using a gauge on the waterline, you can understand whether your house has high pressure. Pressure equal to 80 PSI or above is considered high.

Adjust the Spray Setting

A common misconception that you may suffer from is that the water pressure of your bidet cannot be adjusted. This may be true in some cases, but not in all. It primarily depends on your bidet’s type, model, and compatibility.

Bidets with handheld sprayers are easily adjustable because the spraying tool has various modes for releasing water. Some models come with soft spray and strong spray options. The latter releases the water slowly and at lower pressure for easy cleaning.

The model will have a knob for changing the spray setting. Some latest sprayers also come with a button for releasing the water. You can easily experiment with different settings to find a pressure that is comfortable for you.

You should also focus on the advanced streams if you’re using an electric bidet. Vortex models offer a strong water pressure and can be sensitive to your skin. So the brand and setting matter when figuring out the setting of your bidet sprayer.

Check the Nozzle

Many manual handheld sprayers allow you to adjust the width of the holes in the nozzle. You can narrow them to enjoy a concentrated water stream with high pressure. Meanwhile, widening the nozzle will allow you to reduce the water pressure by adjusting the stream.

You may able to do this by twisting the nozzle platform in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. However, this feature is only available in a few manual handheld sprayers. So you should not expect every bidet to have this versatility.

Most manual sprayers have a lever that you press on to release the water stream. So the force you apply on this part also affects the pressure you will experience. Slightly pressing the lever will enable the water to come out slowly with low pressure.

Meanwhile, strongly pressing the lever will cause a concentrated stream. So the pressure will be relatively higher.

Apply an External Filter to Bidet

One of the top ways to lower bidet water pressure when it’s too high is to use an external filter on the product. This accessory will serve as a barrier to the water stream and reduce the amount that will come from the bidet. So the overall pressure will also decrease because of the filter.

You must remember a few things before purchasing an external filter. The accessory must be compatible with your bidet so that it does not get damaged. Your bidet’s water setting must also be kept low to prevent the bidet from suffering any damage.

Another thing you must ensure is proper attachment to the bidet for effective results. A filter will only be helpful if your home has high water pressure. You can understand this by calling a plumber to check the pipeline.

The expert will also offer you sound guidance about the type of external filter you can buy for your bidet.

Purchase another Model with Low Pressure

You can also resolve the high water pressure issue by changing your bidet. This does not mean that you have to get an advanced model with high-tech features. You can still get a non-electric product with lower pressure output by considering a different brand.

The top thing to get right is the output pressure through the specifications. Many homeowners check the supply pressure value provided by the brand and consider it the same as water pressure. However, these two things are entirely different.

Water supply pressure is the specification that indicates the normal water pressure the bidet must receive for smooth functioning. Meanwhile, the rear wash and front wash values are the metrics you should check for output pressure.

You can know the values for your current bidet and the model you’re considering buying. If the new product has lower readings, you can expect it to have a lower water output pressure.

Consider Getting an Electric Model

If you’re changing your bidet because of high water pressure, you must consider getting an electric model. This is because the electrical products operate at a lower pressure because of the design. Such models have a small motor that causes the release of water stream from the sprayer.

The low working capacity of the motor ensures the water stream will be slower and at a lower water pressure. So the water in the nozzle does not come directly from your property’s waterline. It undergoes various processing barriers, such as the built-in water heater, before reaching the nozzle.

Passing through the various barriers reduces the momentum with which the water travels. This results in a low pressure that is more comfortable for the skin. Another benefit of electric bidets is that they come with built-in filters.

These mesh filters with varying hole sizes decrease the water’s flow rate. This is another reason why electric models have a relatively lower water pressure than non-electric bidets.

Contact the Manufacturer

This is the final solution for solving bidet water pressure when it’s too high. You should consider this option if you have tried the earlier methods and do not want to change your current bidet. After all, getting a new product is not affordable for everyone, especially if the item you have now was also bought recently.

You can call the customer support of your bidet’s brand and ask them about the high water pressure. Many companies have experts who can offer you techniques to reduce output pressure. They may also send a technician to your home to check the bidet and its attachments.

This solution is relatively more helpful for electric bidets because of the technical aspects. However, you can also seek guidance for non-electric models.

You can also check the brand’s official website and see the specifications of your product. Some companies particularly sell bidets with high pressure, so it is essential to know your item’s type. The salesman at the store may have offered you incorrect information about the product due to a lack of knowledge.

It’s better to use bidet converter kit instead bidet handheld sprayer because it will more easy to control to water pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about ways to lower bidet water pressure when it’s too high:

How Do You Adjust A Bidet Sprayer?

You can adjust the sprayer by opening the guard gate to reach the nozzle. Then, retract this part into your product and rotate it in an anticlockwise direction. You can stop the adjustment when the holes project forward.

Should You Care About High Bidet Water Pressure?

A high bidet water pressure can cause your utility bills to rise due to more water usage. It can also damage your pipeline and cause major leaks or mold. So caring about high pressure will help you save yourself from significant financial losses.

Do Bidets Use Too Much Water?

Bidets use about 1/8 gallon of water every time you use the product. Instead of using much water, it allows you to save on your bills by eliminating the need to get expensive toilet paper.


These are the top nine ways to lower bidet water pressure when it’s too high. You can adjust the shutoff or T-valves to control the flow rate. Using the handheld sprayer properly will also allow you to manage the water pressure.

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