How Do You Dry Yourself After Using a Bidet?

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Do you feel wet after using a bidet and want to know how do you dry yourself after using a bidet? Read out this complete guide.

Newer models of bidet offer a drying feature that will supply a burst of warm air to handle most of the drying.

Other users will first use a paper towel to pad dry the moisture and lessen the time needed for the warm air to dry their nether regions. If the air dry isn’t available, you can dry your bum with a paper towel.

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How Do You Dry Yourself After Using a Bidet?

Bidets often have a dryer feature that works similarly to a hair dryer. It employs the resistance heating method, which converts the electrical current into the coil’s heat.

Once the coil is heated, it can release the energy to warm the air temperature. Here are some options you can do to dry yourself after using a bidet.

1. Paper Towels or Toilet Paper

Only because you have a bidet does not suggest you need to ditch that toilet paper. Most people still use them to dry themselves than trying to wipe themselves.

The bidet already did all the dirty jobs, but you don’t need to use nearly as much toilet paper as you usually do. You are good to go with a few squares to pat yourself a day. That will save you money and take less toll on your septic system.

The only drawback of using a paper towel is that it is thin and does not hold up well to getting wet. Also, it can leave lint behind your butt, or your fingers might poke through.

2. Washcloths

If the idea of wet toilet paper does not sit well with you, you can always buy a pack of washcloths from Amazon. You can buy them for less than a dollar for every piece. These wash clothes hold up much better than paper towels, and you can guarantee that your bum is squeaky clean.

Another good option you can consider is bamboo towels. They are way more absorbent and softer than regular towels or washcloths. They are also a tad more expensive but denying their comfort benefits is difficult.

Get a design or color unlike anything else in your home when choosing a washcloth to dry yourself with after using a bidet. That way, you recognize which washcloths are intended for your face and which washcloths are for your private area.

Keep them clean next to your toilet and place them on a small towel rack. After you’re done using a bidet and dry yourself up, ditch the washcloth into a hamper. It will help if you get a trash can with a pedal-activated lid.

3. Bidets With Built-in Air Dryer

Bidets with built-in air dryer

As mentioned earlier, numerous bidet seats come with built-in drying. That’s why there’s no need to wipe away all the water in your bum. You just activate the air-drying feature and dry your bum hands-free.

Remember that the air drying is not as strong as you may be used to from standard hand dryers. It will only take a few minutes to accomplish maximum dryness. But if you can’t be bothered to wait two minutes, you can always use toilet paper first and let the bidet’s dryer handle the rest.

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Do All Bidets Have a Drying Function?

Take note that not all bidets have a drying function. A bidet attachment is a cost-efficient, simple-to-use bidet that offers the perks of washing without as many functions as a more complicated bidet toilet seat. Even at that, not all have dryers built in.

The heating process of a bidet with dryer is similar to what powers electric stoves, toasters, and hairdryers—it’s known as heating or Joule heating. It is the process where an electric current passes through a conductive material and releases heat.

In that case, electricity flows through the metal coils wrapped around a structure. The motor turns the fun as the coils heat up, forcing air to flow past the coils and out of the air dryer flap.

You will find many reasons to select a bidet toilet seat with a dryer functionality. For starters, a dryer removes the need for paper towels. That means it eradicates the need for reaching down at all, making your time in the bathroom more hygienic and convenient.

After a splash from your bidet stream, warm air dries you off. That is a big upgrade to the life on the toilet.


Q: Do Bidets Help Stop Paper Waste Production?

The average American consumes about 50 pounds of toilet paper per year. That could cost you at least $200 to $250. If you’re using a bidet with an air-drying feature, that indicates you save 100% of that money.

Q: Are Bidet’s Drying Feature Good?

A bidet’s drying function isn’t the most efficient and can leave you feeling damp in areas that should be dry for comfort and sanitary purposes. To compensate for the air dry’s strength, the drying feature takes longer (at least one to two minutes) to completely dry you off.

Q: Are Bidet Dryers Sanitary?

Bidet seats are the most sanitary bathroom method, extending to its drying function. You never have to reach down there with a bidet, smear anything, or touch anything except a button. Also, a bidet’s air dryer leaves you refreshed, clean, and residue-free for a better-feeling clean.

Final Thoughts

You see, a bidet with a dryer feature removes your paper towel use and makes going to the toilet better. Note that not all bidets have a dryer, so ensure you look for a bidet with a dryer function if you want a comfortable and luxurious experience that helps our planet, too.

Switching from paper towels to a bidet will also give you a more refreshing and healthier way to clean yourself in the restroom. Also, when you go with a unit that has a warm air dryer, you can leave toilet paper behind and enjoy a hands-free experience.

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