Do You Use A Bidet After Peeing?

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People widely use bidet after a bowel movement. However, when it comes to using bidet after peeing, some are confused.     

Do You Use A Bidet After Peeing?

Yes, you can use a bidet after you pee. It helps to remove the remaining urine and avoid odors and potential infections. 

Here’s how people can use bidet after they pee. 

How does a woman use bidet after peeing?

Most women use a bidet to wipe the vulva after they pee. Cleaning the vulva can depend on the type of bidet. 

You can use the feminine wash mode if your electric bidet seat supports it. If you use a non-electric bidet seat or toilet attachment, you can use feminine nozzles.

If you have a handheld bidet (also called bidet shower, hose bidet, bidet sprayer, etc.) or portable bidet, you can place it in front of you. Ensure the bidet’s water pressure is not too high to avoid damaging the sensitive area. 

How does a man use a bidet after peeing?

Usually, a man shakes off drips after peeing. Well, most men use bidet after pooping.

Men are used to shaking off the drips, so they don’t think rinsing with water with a bidet is necessary. But somehow, some men may use bidet after they pee. 

Using bidet after peeing may differ between men and women because of the physiological differences. If a woman sits straight, men will lean over and pull their genitals down to allow the water stream hit the right spot.

If you’re looking for a quality bidet, you can try Sethersons Bidet Converter Kit. With a quality bidet in your toilet, you can have a convenient use after peeing and pooping, leaving yourself feeling cleaner and fresher. 

How Can a Woman Safely Use a Bidet After Peeing?

For women, using bidet should be safe. The water from the bidet should flow from front to back. 

Proper use is also essential to prevent urinary tract infections or vaginal infections. Fortunately, a bidet is safe to use for female genitalia. 

Girls can use the front wash feature of the bidet, also known as a feminine wash. But anyone can safely use bidet after they pee. Both men and women can use it. It can help you leave the bathroom feeling clean and fresh.

How Can a Woman Safely Use a Bidet After Peeing

What Are the Benefits of Using a Bidet After Peeing?

Using bidet after you pee can have many benefits:

It washes away the remaining urine

Using a bidet after you pee can remove the remaining urine. With that, you can avoid bad smells and other possible infections.

It will leave you feeling fresh and clean 

If you want to feel cleaner and fresher after you pee, using the bidet can be a good option. 

Good for vaginal health 

The use of bidet after peeing can also help vaginal health. It can be a good way to clean your private part if you have a period. 

It is also a healthier substitute for wet wipes. It doesn’t have ingredients that can cause vulva irritation. A bidet is a safer way of cleaning out a menstrual cup. 

It is handy 

A bidet is handy, so you can use it easily to remove the urine in your private area after peeing. 

It is more hygienic than toilet paper 

Another advantage of bidet is that it is more hygienic than toilet paper. With this, you can avoid irritation and infections as you use it when cleaning after you pee or poop

Environment-friendly and an excellent alternative to toilet paper

Bidet is environment-friendly, so aside from feeling cleaner and fresher after leaving the toilet, you’re also helping the environment. 

What Is the Purpose of the Bidet?

Nowadays, more bathrooms have bidet installation. So, what is the purpose of the bidet?

Using a bidet keeps you clean after you use the bathroom. You can use it after you poop and pee. Even though some people use it mainly after a bowel movement, remember that you’re free to use the bidet after peeing. 

It is beneficial for both men and women when cleaning their genitals after using the bathroom. It is safe to use, so you don’t need to worry about its usage. 

Do You Still Need Toilet Paper After You Use the Bidet After You Pee?

Choosing whether to use toilet paper or not with a bidet is a matter of preference. You can still use toilet paper to dry off after using the bidet after peeing. Thus, it can make you feel slightly wet. 

It is also your choice not to use toilet paper after using the bidet. 

Is a Bidet an Excellent Investment To Place a Bidet in Your Bathroom?

Yes, placing a bidet in your toilet can be a good investment. You can use it to clean up after peeing and pooping. 

Water is an effective way to clean your genitals than toilet paper. As we mentioned earlier, it is also more environment-friendly and an excellent alternative to toilet paper. With it, you can leave you and your bathroom cleaner. 


Q: What countries are more likely to use bidet after peeing? 

Most Middle Eastern countries have a handheld bidet in their toilets because they think water is more effective than toilet paper. Some European countries like Portugal and Italy also use standalone bide after peeing to feel fresh and clean. 

Q: Does the use of a bidet after peeing against the bidet etiquette?

Using a bidet after you pee is not against the etiquette for a bidet. You are free to use it to remove the remaining urine and feel cleaner.

Q: Are bidets safe to use for women?

Yes, a bidet is safe to use for women. It is sanitary and can provide a convenient experience after leaving the bathroom. 

Final Thoughts

Generally, aside from cleaning after a bowel movement, you can also use the bidet after peeing. If you’re interested in installing a bidet in your bathroom, you can check our buying guide.

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