Do Bidets Spray Poop Everywhere?

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If you have never used a bidet before, a common question crossing your mind would be, “do bidets spray poop everywhere?

Most potential bidet users are anxious that using a bidet may lead to a big mess by causing poop to splash all over.

Nonetheless, bidets are made to be a more practical and efficient method of washing up after answering nature’s call. Also, spraying poop everywhere defeats the purpose of its creation. 

Bidet toilet attachments are simple to install, provide great features and help save the environment. You can check out our article on the best bidet converter kits if you’re looking for one.  

Do Bidets Spray Poop Everywhere?

Bidets do not spray poop everywhere. Instead, they use a focused water jet aimed particularly at the genitals and bottom to clean them. Thus, dirt isn’t splashed all over the place.

Your poop will be washed away with water and go straight to the bowl without splashing from the toilet. Hence, bidets won’t spray poop from all around the place. 

The cleansing wash in a bidet is more practical than tissue paper at getting rid of feces while stopping excrement from being splashed all over your body and the toilet bowl. 

Below are the specific reasons why bidet designers avoid this problem from occurring:

1. It Has an Angled Soft Water Stream

The nozzles won’t touch the toilet water in any case. When your bidet is working, the nozzle will go out from the guard gate, but do not stay close to the bum. 

Remember that the nozzle is slanted. That means the water stream will not prop out under the bum. That way, the poop is cleaned, won’t pollute the wand, and goes straight into the toilet bowl. 

In addition, the water stream is soft and narrow. It won’t cause the poop to splash out and incidentally drop on the nozzle.

Different bidet brands have discovered new ways to safeguard their products from getting poop on. That means your bidet will remain clean whenever you wish to use it. 

2. It Has Self-Cleaning Nozzles

Many electric bidet toilet seats and attachments feature self-cleaning nozzles. Others will clean the nozzle after every use, while a few will clean before and after every use. A few advanced models employ other technologies, except washing it with plenty of water.

For instance, Sethersons Bidet Converter Kit uses a self-cleaning nozzle that will automatically rinse and retract the nozzle protection door to provide you with the ideal sanitary cleaning. 

3. The Nozzle Will Stay Behind the Gate When It’s Not in Use

The bidet won’t work if you’re doing your “business.” That indicates the nozzles will stay behind the guard gate to stop any splash-back or splashing. Your poop won’t ever get into the nozzles at that point. 

Remember that both the electric models and attachments have that specific design. 

4. You Can Control the Pressure

Maximum water pressure has been considered to cause minor leakage. Nonetheless, it hardly happens, as bidet enables you to control the pressure whenever you like. Also, the pressure can be adjusted in different methods:

  • using control bottoms
  • using a lever
  • using the knob 

The chances of making a mistake in every situation are trivial. You’re also unlikely to make a mistake because you’re in command.  

How Can You Avoid Bidet Splashes?

Bidets won’t splash or spray poop in most situations. However, if you use it inappropriately, it will raise the risk of splashing. Here are practical tips you can do to prevent your bidet from splashing: 

1. Fix the Plumbing Problem

Do you think the lowest water pressure setting is too strong for you? Maybe it’s time to check the plumbing in your apartment or home. Also, installing a water filter could decrease the pressure too. 

2. Consider Pre-Wiping

You don’t need to wipe your bum after using a bidet, not to mention it’s unnecessary. Nonetheless, if a big poop sticks to your bum unintentionally, pre-wiping could be a good way to prevent any mess.

That will cost you a sheet or two of toilet paper but save time to clean your bidet or toilet later. 

3. Change the Water Pressure

High water pressure can result in the bidet spraying poop-containing particles. That’s not typical for electric bidet seats but could happen in non-electric bidet seats, attachments, or sprayers. 

It will help if you start from the lowest pressure to determine the most applicable setting for you. 

4. Use the Proper Bidet Water Modes

Every bidet comes with spray modes that enable it to clean different parts of your bum. Often, they have two nozzles. 

It will help if you set the proper mode and change your sitting position, so the water stream works without added splashes. 

5. Sit Properly 

Your seating position should also be considered. Make sure you sit over the bidet to get the most out of it. That means your leg should be extended and broad enough to enable your rear to approach the bidet. 


Q: How Does a Bidet Clean Your Butt?

A bidet works by releasing a water stream to rinse away your stool or urine. Unlike traditional toilet paper, water is more eco-friendly, cheaper, free of extra chemicals, and seems more efficient. 

Q: Do I Need to Wipe After Using a Bidet?

Other people prefer to wipe their bum with toilet paper after using a bidet. However, it is a matter of personal preference. The bidet must do a decent job cleaning your butt, so toilet paper is unnecessary. 

Q: How Does a Bidet Not Get Poop Everywhere?

Bidets do not spray your poop everywhere. They use a focused water jet aimed at your genitals and bum. 

Final Thoughts

So, do bidets spray poop everywhere? No. Its water stream is pressurized, gentle, and narrow, enabling it to remove your poop without causing any splash-back.

Also, the poop-containing particles and water will go down into the toilet water without spattering up to your bottom again.

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