Do Bidets Get Poop on Them?

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Bidets are an efficient way to clean the fecal material from your bum after you poop. Toilet paper smears the poo all over your butt hole, leaving you vulnerable to the feared swamp ass.

Meanwhile, bidets utilize a stream of water to cleanse your butt hole, leaving you feeling as clean as if you took a shower.

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Do Bidets Get Poop on Them?

No, because the cleanliness of using a bidet is unparalleled. Toilet paper shines at spreading your poops all over your bum hole, but bidets wash away the poop, leaving your bum feeling clean.

Other bidet attachments feature a self-cleaning nozzle, so you don’t need to think about doing extra cleaning.

Types of Bidets

1. Free-Standing Bidets

Free-standing bidets

This is the traditional bidet type. Free-standing bidets are positioned next to your regular toilet and look like a massive, low sink. These bidets are often filled with water that rises to the bowl’s surface and may be equipped with jets.

2. Built-in Bidets

A built-in bidet is a toilet geared with a bidet feature. After you flush your toilet with this bidet, your toilet will dispense a vertical stream of water to cleanse your poop. 

3. Handheld Bidets

Also referred to as a bidet sprayer or bidet shower, a handheld bidet is composed of a nozzle that stays connected to your toilet.

This kind of bidet is manually positioned near your private area to clean your anus and genitals after using the toilet. 

You can control the position of the water stream with a handheld bidet. 

4. Warm Water Bidets

These bidet types can be free-standing, built-in, or sprayer attachments. It is hooked up to the hot water pipe system or features a built-in water warmer that offers a warmer spritz to your bum when you use it.

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How Does a Bidet Work? 

Remember that a bidet toilet seat is a high-tech bidet option that could come with a wide array of features to make your entire bathroom experience clean, convenient, and comfortable. Fresh water comes from the same source.

The bidet is powered by water pressure from your toilet’s water supply. It triggers when a knob is turned, freeing the water into the bidet. As the water travels through the system, the nozzle juts from the bidet and sprays a regulated water stream in your private area.

After the water is cut off through the knob, the nozzle dwindles back into the bidet, concealed from sight.  

Do You Need to Wipe Before Using a Bidet?

Wiping before using a bidet is not necessary, but there are other scenarios where doing so can be useful, such as:

1. Limited Warm Water

Other bidets supply a limited amount of warm water or turn off automatically after a minute or so of use. Wiping is helpful for these types of bidets as it lessens the time you need to use the bidet. 

That also means you don’t need to think about cold water touching your private parts for longer.

2. Runny Stool 

Toilet seat bidets stop you from cleaning in every direction. Those with bowel incontinence or runny stool should deal with flecks of stool sticking to their private areas where the nozzle cannot reach.

Wiping before using a bidet is helpful as it eliminates stool that is not within the path of the nozzle. 

3. Soft Stool 

Just like soft tools consume more toilet paper than normal to clean, it takes a little longer to wash with a bidet.

In such scenarios, pre-wiping is helpful as it shortens the cleaning cycle. As an alternative to staying under the spray for over a minute, you can minimize the time by wiping beforehand. 

4. People With Limited Mobility 

Bidets are practical for folks with limited mobility as they are seated. All they must do is wait until the washing and drying process is done.

Nonetheless, if the bidet isn’t positioned properly, it often fails to clean the area carefully. Pre-wiping is helpful for such situations, as it guarantees the person is 100% clean after using the toilet. 

Do Bidet Sprays Get Poop Everywhere?

The short answer is no. They will not spray your poop off your butt when you utilize the bidet’s spray function. That means you’re in complete control of the force of the spray.

Also, the water stream is very gentle and washes your bum without powerful force. It is not strong enough that it can hurt your butt. You can expect a smooth and comfortable experience when using a bidet spray.

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Q: Does the Bidet Toilet Touch You?

The bidet toilet itself doesn’t touch you or your poops. The wand sprays water, and the water touches you, but the bidet itself doesn’t. That not just helps improve your comfort level, but it helps keep your bidet clean. 

Q: Do Bidets Work in Cleaning My Poop?

Yes, they sure do. The ideal way to prove it to yourself is to try one.  

Q: Where Does the Water Use by My Bidet Come From?

A typical misconception is that the bidet water comes from your toilet bowl, but that’s not true. Using a bidet seat is a sanitary and clean experience.

The water comes from your home’s water system and could even have extra filters installed before it is used for the wash if you’d want. 

Final Thoughts

So, do bidets get poop on them? No. You will find bidets with wands connected to the toilet seat that people think will collect poop. In reality, the wand retracts back and out of the way as if it weren’t there. If you keep your toilet clean, your bidet toilet attachment will also be clean. 

Also, standalone bidets should be cleaned, just as you typically would clean your toilet. 

No matter what bidet type you pick, you can make peace with the thought that it does not get poops on them.

Also, it will save you money in the end, you will clean yourself better, and most importantly, you get to save the planet.

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