Can Bidet Be Used with Raised Toilet Seat?

Can Bidet Be Used with Raised Toilet Seat

There are many features in a bidet but peoples ask “Can Bidet Be Used with Raised Toilet Seat?”. You’ll find out the answer of this question in this guide. A simple bidet can make a big difference in improving the accessibility and thoroughness of toilet hygiene. Don’t worry if you have a raised toilet seat; … Read more

Can You Install a Bidet on Any Toilet?

Can You Install a Bidet on Any Toilet

Do you want to know can you install a bidet on any toilet and can it be installed on any existing toilet? then read out this complete Guide. When it comes to bidet installation on a toilet, compatibility is a critical factor. Most manufacturers offer universal products, but you still have to ensure that the … Read more

Where Does Bidet Water Come From?

Where Does Bidet Water Come From

Are you wondering where does bidet water come from and if is it clean? Bidet water comes straight from your home’s water supply and is 100% sanitary. Many people assume that bidet water doesn’t come from a toilet tank. Bidet attachments and bidet toilets connect to the main water line behind your toilet. If you’re … Read more

How to Make Bidet Water Warm?

How to Make Bidet Water Warm

There’s no denying that bidets are soothing and far superior to paper towels when cleaning. While some non-electric bidet seats and attachments do not have warm water functions, numerous modern bidet toilet seats have a warm water bidet function. If you are searching for a good bidet you can install in your home, you may … Read more

Do Bidets Save Money?

Do Bidets Save Money

Are you fed up with using tissue rolls and looking forward to getting rid of them and saving money? In this guide, you’ll know do bidets save money? A bidet is an excellent money-saver and is extremely eco-friendly. Indeed, there’s an initial investment in the bidet attachment or seat itself and the cost for the … Read more

What Does a Bidet Feel Like?

What Does a Bidet Feel Like

When you use the bidet for the first time or you are used to wiping, you might wonder “What Does a Bidet Feel Like?“. For starters, you will have 100% efficacy when you use a bidet. Even if there are piles of hair, you won’t easily feel the cold. Also, you don’t need to use … Read more

Do Bidets Get Poop on Them?

Do Bidets Get Poop on Them

Bidets are an efficient way to clean the fecal material from your bum after you poop. Toilet paper smears the poo all over your butt hole, leaving you vulnerable to the feared swamp ass. Meanwhile, bidets utilize a stream of water to cleanse your butt hole, leaving you feeling as clean as if you took … Read more

Are Bidets Safe for Women?

Are Bidets Safe for Women

Apart from providing women with a hygienic and thorough experience than toilet paper, there are numerous safe benefits to using a bidet. For example, bidets are gentle and tender on women’s sensitive areas, while toilet paper can be irritating and rough. If you have limited mobility that makes wiping challenging, a bidet can also help … Read more

How to Use a Bidet for Constipation?

How to Use a Bidet for Constipation

No one wants to talk about constipation, but the reality is that most people deal with them at some point. A bidet is excellent for stopping and treating constipation or hemorrhoids. The pressure of a bidet can help get things moving when you are constipated by letting small amounts of water into the anus. So … Read more