Can You Install a Bidet on Any Toilet?

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Do you want to know can you install a bidet on any toilet and can it be installed on any existing toilet? then read out this complete Guide.

When it comes to bidet installation on a toilet, compatibility is a critical factor. Most manufacturers offer universal products, but you still have to ensure that the installation will cause no trouble. Not all toilets can easily incorporate a bidet.

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Can You Install a Bidet on Any Toilet?

Technically, you can install a bidet on any toilet. Installing a bidet on a two-piece toilet is effortless, but a one-piece toilet or other types can be challenging. 

Meanwhile, here are important factors you should consider when determining whether a bidet can be installed or not on your toilet:

1. Fill Valve Access

The bidet usually gets water through a T-adaptor installation connected to your toilet’s fill valve. Then, the water from the hose diverts into the bidet and the toilet. So, install a T-adaptor on the fill valve, or there is a way to get a water source for the bidet.

2. Dimensions 

Bolts and nuts installation on the toilet holes fix bidet attachments and seats on the toilet. It is like toilet seat installation.

In this case, you have to determine whether or not the distance between two holes, the water tank and holes, and the toilet and hole are compatible with the toilet design. 

Is any of the metrics not compatible? Then, you cannot install the bidet on the toilet.

3. Toilet Shape 

In many cases, toilets come with a straight tank regardless of whether it is separate. You can also encounter toilets with curved slopes or curved tanks, which makes the installation more difficult.

Most bidets include a side panel and require you to align them with the toilet holes. Some manufacturers make a particular version of it, while others don’t.

So, you have to check if the bidet is compatible with French curved or other unique toilet shapes. If not, you may install a handheld bidet spray since you do not need to attach it to the toilet.

4. Nearby Sink 

A sink nearby is a specific factor for dual temp handheld bidets and warm water attachments. These bidet types have no internal heater, so they get the hot water from the household’s hot water line, usually located at the sink’s bottom.

5. Shutoff Valve 

Is there no shutoff valve around your toilet? Then, there is no way the bidet can get a water source.

You can connect some handheld bidet sprays with the sink faucet, but bidet toilet seats do not allow that.

If the toilet hides the tank in the wall or uses a water tank, hiring a plumber is advisable to install the shutoff valve for the bidet.

What Toilet Types Are the Most Compatible With Bidets?

As mentioned above, two types of toilets are more compatible with bidets than others. Let’s take a closer look at two-piece and one-piece toilets.

1. Two-Piece Toilet

Two-piece toilet

You can install your bidet in almost any two-piece toilet. This toilet type consists of a bowl and a water tank. The water from the plumbing system is sent to the water tank’s inlet through the shutoff valve and the water hose.

A two-piece toilet usually comes with standard dimensions, no matter brand you purchased. So, you can easily fix the bidet seats’ main unit or bidet attachments’ plate on the toilet.

If you plan to purchase a bidet seat, you can effortlessly install it on a round or elongated two-piece toilet. Meanwhile, a sink nearby is one thing you should check if you plan to buy a dual team sprayer.

However, you cannot access the bolt holes under the bowl if the toilet is skirted. This is where you need to use top mounting bolts.

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2. One-Piece Toilet

One-piece toilet

It is possible to install a bidet on a one-piece toilet, but this requires modification. 

For example, you need to put a plate on the bowl hole to mount a bidet attachment or seat. It would help if you had nuts and bolts to tighten it. You also need to install those nuts under the bowl.

A one-piece toilet is usually flat in the back. Plus, you will find limited space between the fill valve and the wall. So, you need to move the toilet for access.

What Toilet Types Are Not Always Compatible With Bidets?

Here are the toilet types which increase the bidet installation difficulties:

1. Tankless Toilet and Wall-Hung Toilet

Tankless and wall-hung toilets use a plumbing system or are concealed in the wall. So, you cannot find any shutoff valve and water hose neat the toilet. Extra shutoff valve installation is necessary when installing a bidet on these toilets, or you can get the water source from the sink faucet.

2. Toilets With Unique Designs

Some toilets come with a wider distance between toilet holes or French curved. These things can make the bidet installation a challenge since only a few bidet models are compatible with them. The best thing you can do is install a bidet sprayer.


Q: Call All Bidets Fit All Toilets?

Yes. All bidet attachments or seats can fit all toilets. However, it would help if you considered several factors. Bidets can be easily installed in some toilet types, while others require modifications.

Q: Is Wiping Still Necessary After Using a Bidet?

It depends on the situation. If you use a high-quality bidet properly, you do not need to use toilet paper.

Q: Is It Challenging to Install a Bidet?

Hand-held bidet sprayers and bidet toilet seats are easy to install. However, a freestanding bidet needs dedicated plumbing lines.

Final Thoughts 

Many toilets do not feature a bidet option. So, if you have an old bathroom and are clueless about whether a bidet exists or not, you need to make an extra effort on it. For example, you can install a bidet attachment. 

One of the most popular bidet toilet attachments is the Sethersons Bidet Converter Kit. It comes with good features and is environmentally friendly. Above all, it is super easy to install.

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