Can Bidet Be Used with Raised Toilet Seat?

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There are many features in a bidet but peoples ask “Can Bidet Be Used with Raised Toilet Seat?”. You’ll find out the answer of this question in this guide.

A simple bidet can make a big difference in improving the accessibility and thoroughness of toilet hygiene. Don’t worry if you have a raised toilet seat; you can install a bidet on it successfully with the proper steps.

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Can Bidet Be Used with Raised Toilet Seat?

The short answer is YES.

Some people prefer using a raised toilet set to sit down and stand up quickly. Bidets are often made to be attached to traditional toilets and are not recommended for raised toilet seats. However, you can still find bidets that work with this toilet seat type.

Ideally, your raised toilet seat must have either detachable arms or no arms at all. Arms will only interfere with the bidet’s water line.

If you plan to use bidet with your existing toilet seat or want a raised toilet seat with bidet functionality, you will need toilet safety rails, a Philips head screwdriver, and an adjustable wrench.

Now, follow the necessary steps below to install your bidet and use it with your raised toilet seat:

1. Remove the toilet seat 

Remove the toilet seat 

First, you must remove the toilet seat before starting the installation process. It is recommended to give your toilet a good clean at this point. You will find cleaning the toilet after the riser is in position.

In this step, you also need to check whether or not your toilet seat has removable bolts in the back. You need to replace the bolts with longer ones from the raised toilet set kit.

2. Put the toilet safety rails on the toilet 

Now, it is time to place the toilet safety rails in the required position. Do not mount these rails with bolts unless all products are already in place.

3. Put the raised toilet seat on the toilet safety rails’ top 

Next, you must put the raised toilet seat on the toilet safety rail’s top. If the detachable arms are already attached, you need to remove them.

You will find holes on the raised toilet seat’s back, which should align with holes on toilet safety rails and the toilet itself.

It is recommended to use a raised toilet seat mounted under the toilet seat to ensure it works with the bidet system.

4. Place the bidet on raised toilet seat’s top

You must put the bidet on the toilet seat’s top part in this step. Then, ensure to align the mounting holes. 

Before placing the bidet over the raised toilet seat, ensure it is assembled and hooked to the water lines. This helps ensure the bidet comes with a long enough line to work with other products.

5. Set the toilet seat 

Finally, you have to set the toilet seat. You need to ensure all holes are aligned on the toilet’s back, allowing the bolts to drop into position.

On the mounting holes, slide through the toilet seat mounting bolts. Position all items in alignment and tighten the bolts. 

After that, use the Philips head screw to tighten everything. It would help if you also constantly check the toilet seat and safety rails’ stability before sitting. It is advisable to tighten the wing nuts weekly to prevent some loosening.

What features to look for in a bidet?

While only a few bidet models work with raised toilet seats, it is still better if it comes with particular features. These features will help you have a more satisfying experience. So, do not forget to check out the following features when shopping for a bidet you would want to use with raised toilet seat:

1. Heated seats

Most electric bidet seats feature a heated seat. It allows you to adjust the temperature based on the climate in your area. This feature benefits you live in a cold area with chilly winter months.

2. Various spray modes 

Bidet seats usually come with different spray modes, such as posterior wash, front wash, vortex, pulsating, and oscillating. In some cases, you will find bidets seats with child mode.

Every spray mode has varying water stream width and water pressure. For instance, the vortex mode has a powerful water spray for an enema effect, while the front wash comes with a soft and wide water spray.

If the front wash is a deal-breaker option, consider buying a non-electric bidet seat or a bidet attachment like Setherson bidet kit. Most models include a nozzle hole or separate nozzle for proper care for your sensitive area.

Nozzle position also comes with adjustability. Most seniors choose raised toilet seats for improved convenience, and an adjustable nozzle position is beneficial since they do not need to change their sitting position.

3. Deodorizer 

This feature promotes air purification in the bathroom. Rather than masking the smell, the deodorizer breaks down any smelly component by using a carbon filter. 

4. Dryer

Only the electric bidet unit has a dryer. This feature helps dry off the user after each use, which eliminates the use of toilet paper. However, you need patience because you need to wait 1-2 minutes to get it done.

5. Self-cleaning nozzle 

Many bidet attachments and seats include a self-cleaning function. Remember that nozzles are susceptible to contamination with use. So, this function is especially advantageous in preventing that from happening.

Plus, you can save time and effort by cleaning the nozzles yourself.

6. Water filter 

You will encounter two bidet water filters: external and internal filters. These filters are designed to filter out components that can clog the nozzle.


Q: Will my raised toilet seat work with a bidet?

Yes. You will need to use the right tools and follow the necessary steps. The installation process is often straightforward.

Q: Is raised toilet seat with a bidet helpful for seniors?

Yes. It provides seniors the convenience while in the bathroom and does not even need to change their sitting position.

Q: Do I need to wipe after using the bidet with my raised toilet seat?

Since the water pressure in the bidet is enough to get you completely clean, you do not need to wipe after use. However, you still have the choice to wipe after using your bidet to dry yourself off more quickly.

Final Thoughts 

People who are dealing with physical limitations find using a bidet with raised toilet seat especially helpful. It helps enhance the overall ease of use. Bidet attachments are indeed environmentally friendly and easy to install.

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