Can A Bidet Give You an Enema?

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Numerous bidet toilet seats come with a retractable wand to clean the rectum. These are growing in popularity as they are simple to install in an existing toilet.

But can a bidet give you an enema? Sadly, the answer is no.

Bidets can be efficient if they are made to be inserted into the rectum, but they don’t perform the function of an enema if they only go near the surface.

A bidet is a perfect solution for people who occasionally need an enema. If you are in the market searching for a good bidet converter kit, check out our buying guide for more information.

Can a Bidet Give You an Enema?

The overall result is the same, but the bidet enema function doesn’t insert anything into the person’s rectum as a standard enema would. For that, you’ll need a special attachment.

As an alternative, the enema function of a bidet offers a pointed, strong stream, allowing the wash to work its way up into the lower intestine. That enables the enema to be used by different people and remain hygienic. 

When done right, it will only take a few minutes to do the enema. Here’s a quick guide to help you. 

1. Get the Correct Angle

One of the important things you need to do is to ensure the jet of water can contact your rectum. It should also be able to massage the muscles. Strong jet power will help the water enter the anus efficiently, stimulate the bowels and clean your intestines. 

To help you find the best angle, it will help if you play around with the bidet’s nozzle setting and work your way up there until you find the best angle. 

2. Adjust the Water Pressure Setting

Try to start with a low water pressure if you are not confident with the proper water pressure. Begin with the lowest setting first and work your way up. 

Be careful with your selected pressure, especially if you’re using a handheld bidet sprayer with a wand. 

3. Always Use a Warm Water 

There’s no suggested water temperature when doing an enema. Nonetheless, you must use warm water if you like to relieve your constipation. Warm water can loosen your bowel muscles, while cold water tightens them. 

4. Relax

The last thing you want to do when doing an enema is to rush things. If it’s your first time doing this, remember that it will take a few tries before settling on the ideal setting. 

5. Clean Thoroughly

Ultimately, clean up after the enema function is done. After that, you can use your bidet’s standard cleaning function to rinse up and dry yourself afterward. Other bidet systems have a built-in dryer with them. 

A clean towel is always a good option if you don’t have one. 

What Are the Best Bidets That Can Give You an Enema?

If you’re still unfamiliar with the world of bidets, here are some options for you to consider: 

1. A Non-electric Bidet (Bidet Attachment or Handheld Sprayer)

These bidets do not use electricity and get the water from your home’s water supply. A handheld bidet sprayer or a bidet attachment is often the most applicable option for an enema. 

You’ll find two sphincters at the end of your rectum. The external one can be clenched voluntarily and decide when to poop to some degree, while the internal one can’t be controlled. The latter can only relax if the pressure on your rectum wall is high. 

If you like to open the inner sphincter manually, you must give it enough pressure. A probe can be useful in this matter. If that’s too big for your anus, you can always buy another enema kit to replace the bidet’s original sprayer head.

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2. Electric Bidet Seat

This is a more popular bidet option. Given that it’s powered by electricity, an electric bidet seat would heat the water, regulate the water pressure, and provide numerous advanced features.

Also, the water stream from its nozzles would move differently, providing an enhanced experience.

You can find other electric bidets with vortex mode or enema mode. Such models feature a strong, narrow water stream to stimulate the sphincters, ease anus pressure, and help treat constipation. 

3. Stand-Alone Bidet

This bidet type is popular in European countries. It has been used for many years and looks like a lower sink next to a toilet. 

It’s often composed of a faucet, drain, a basin, and the water will come out from the faucet. You must ride on it to get yourself cleaned. 

It’s highly suggested to get ‘things’ done in the shower, as it’s likely to make a mess, particularly if you’re just starting to learn how to use it. If you don’t do an enema often, you can just move it to hook on the toilet. You can continue using it as a standard bidet sprayer. 

There are also portable bidets with a probe, which could perform an enema. The only drawback of such bidets is that you must fill the water several times to complete the task. 


Q: Is a Bidet Useful in Giving You an Enema?

A bidet can give you an enema, as the enema kit or water stream propping out from the nozzle can clean the rectum inside. Nonetheless, not all types of bidets could serve that purpose. 

Q: Can a Bidet Help Me With My Constipation?

Warm water from a bidet may help relieve your bowels by relaxing the sphincter muscles. It also removes the need to strain as much. Straining can result in other issues such as anal fistulas, rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and anal itching. 

Q: Is Enema Safe?

Enemas can be a helpful tool in medicine but giving yourself DIY enemas can have numerous complications. An improperly administered enema can ruin tissue in your colon and cause bowel perforation. Also, if the device is not hygienic, it can cause infections. 

Final Thoughts

Remember that only a few dedicated handheld bidets can give you a real enema. They offer an enema nozzle built to infiltrate the anal sphincters where it supplies water to the rectum. Other electric bidet seats offer the option to use a vortex water stream made to enter the rectum.

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