Top 15 Best Bidet Converter Kits in 2023

15 Best Bidet Converter Kits

Bidets are an excellent way to replace toilet paper with a more hygienic alternative. As we become increasingly aware of the significance of personal cleanliness, bidet converters seem to be one of the best options for improving bathroom hygiene. The best bidet converter kits let you transform your existing toilet into a bidet without any … Read more

Standalone Bidet Or A Toilet Mounted Bidet?

Which Is Better Standalone Bidet Or A Toilet Mounted Bidet

Ever since COVID-19 became a part of our lives, it has shown us what is really important to people. First, there were shortages of toilet paper, and chaos ensued as people can begin hoarding different resources. During this time, many people also opted for bidets in their homes.  Of course, there are endless bidets on … Read more

Can A Bidet Replace Toilet Paper Entirely?

Can A Bidet Replace Toilet Paper Entirely

As our world is moving towards environmentally-conscious items, many people are selecting bidets to save toilet paper. The idea is to reduce the waste that comes with using toilet paper. However, you might be wondering if using a bidet can entirely replace toilet paper.  If you have this question on your mind, you have come … Read more

Where Can I Buy A Bidet?

Where Can I Buy A Bidet

Are you confused about where can you buy a bidet then read out this guide about “where can I buy a bidet?”. There are expert recommendations for bidets in this article. Bidet is now widely used to improve bathroom hygiene. However, many bidets are available on the market, making it challenging to get the best … Read more

How To Not Leave Toilet Paper Residue?

How To Not Leave Toilet Paper Residue

After you poop, you tend to leave toilet paper residue on your butt. It may leave you feeling uncomfortable. Don’t worry because there are some ways to avoid leaving toilet paper residue after a bowel movement. In this guide, we have discussed how to not leave toilet paper residue. How To Not Leave Toilet Paper … Read more

How to Clean Bidet Nozzle?

How to Clean Bidet Nozzle

If you are suffering a problem while cleaning the nozzle of a bidet and want to know how to clean bidet nozzle. Here you will get your answer. The nozzle head of your bidet can be clogged with buildup, mainly due to hard water. With that, you should be responsible for its cleaning and maintenance. … Read more

Why Does My Bidet Smell?

Why Does My Bidet Smell

Bidet is undoubtedly an excellent addition to your bathroom for improved personal hygiene. However, some people complain that “why does my bidet smell?”. There are several reasons for that issue, from evaporated urine to electrical problems. Meanwhile, you can check out our article where we’ve ranked the best bidet converter kits if you plan to buy … Read more

How Much Do Bidets Cost?

How Much Do Bidets Cost

People often think of bidet as a luxury experience. However, installing a bidet is not really an extravagant experience. If you’re wondering how much do bidets cost, we have got the answer. The costs are between $80 and $2,650, while the installation is around $1,090 on average. How Much Do Bidets Cost? A bidet offers … Read more