Are Cold Water Bidets Uncomfortable?

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When most people think of bidets, they imagine a bidet spraying a high-pressure stream of cold water. And that raises one common question – are cold water bidets uncomfortable?

It is no surprise that they are doubtful to try them given that misunderstanding, but bidets are comfortable. Most models today feature warm air dryers, heated seats, and water sprayed gently at a comfortable temperature.

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Are Cold Water Bidets Uncomfortable?

Both hot and cold water sprays to clean your bum just as well. The washing is done by using the spray to forcibly eliminate the soiling from the skin. Thus, the temperature has very little to do with it.

Here are more reasons why bidets are not uncomfortable, as people often used to say:

1. A New Level of Comfort

Water is a more relaxing way to clean your genitals than using toilet paper. That’s especially true for people with sensitive skin in that area.

2. It Is Hands-Free

There is less chance of getting viruses and bacteria on your hands, not to mention spreading germs. Using a bidet is a touch-less experience.

What’s more, your hands will stay on your lap while the bidet works beneath you. How cool is that? 

3. Good for People With Medical Conditions

Bidet toilet attachments such as Sethersons Bidet Converter Kits are perfect for people who have specific medical conditions.

Most people suffering from hemorrhoids use bidets with a huge amount of success. Also, people with disabilities who cannot wipe themselves find bidets useful.

Patients who have undergone surgery in their private region will also find comfort in using a bidet. 

4. Ideal for New Mothers, Pregnant, and Women in General

Menstrual periods can often create feelings of un-freshness. Washing with water will help you feel clean ‘down there.’

Moreover, mothers who have recently undergone childbirth can be extra sensitive in that region. Bidets can be a more relaxing and comfortable way to go. 

5. Elders

As people age, it can be challenging to use the bathroom. Others turn to caregivers for help with wiping. That can lessen a senior’s self-confidence—relying on someone just to use the toilet.

A bidet can help elders improve their confidence and regain their independence again. 

Normally, warmer water can make a cleaner feeling, but that does not indicate that it’s creating cleaner skin. There’s a little difference in the real results between warm water and cold water bidet toilet seats. 

Is Water Temperature Important in Bidets?

Remember that a heated seat is a basic feature for many, if not all, electric bidets and is most noticeable during the wintertime. This feature saves you a huge amount of time from having a shock whenever you sit on an otherwise icy cold toilet seat.

What’s more, most bidets today have an adjustable temperature that ranges from 30 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. 

What matters the most when it comes to such bidet toilet seats is the water pressure, as far as the efficacy of the cleaning is concerned.

Is your bidet providing you with different spraying levels? Then you will get the cleanliness you seek about how hot, cold, or warm the cold water is.

That is a crucial factor to remember, especially when considering the type of bidet suitable for you. Still, there are other things you also need to consider. 

Most cold-water attachable bidet toilet seats are lacking in other aspects as the advantages that electric bidets offer you. Also, they take a huge leap over standard bidets as they provide better functionality.

Also, electric bidet toilet seats are more likely to offer extra controls for warm air dryers, various jets and nozzles, deodorizers, heated seats, soap dispensers, and more. Such benefits could be essential when offering you a comfortable and smooth bathroom experience. 

If such functions and features matter to you, feel free to try them out. Or else, a standard attachable bidet toilet seat might be suitable for you. 

Do Electric Bidets Use Warm Water?

Unlike cold water, warm water is a highly-sought feature of bidet attachments and seats. Warm water makes the refreshing and clean feeling of the water spray feel even more luxurious. You are missing out if you have not experienced one yet.

Electric bidet seats provide warm water. Here are some of the features you can expect from them:

1. Hybrid Heating

Hybrid Heating

Warm water bidets with a hybrid water heater use two heating methods acting as a middle ground between instant and tank heaters. You might expect these to be the costliest option, but such models utilize a strong heater than instant heating models. 

Hybrid models also provide more warm water than tank options, but most can’t keep up with cold water flow for extended sprays. It can also differ by water supply and model, but many hybrid bidets provide forty-five seconds of warm water before they start to go cold. 

2. Warm Water Tanks

The least expensive choice warms a limited amount of water because it refills a tiny reservoir after each use. Often, such tanks could hold enough warm water for between twenty and thirty seconds of use before the water starts to cool down. 

The tank’s size also dictates how much warm water you will receive. Thus, other models provide a bigger tank. 

3. Instant Water Heaters

These provide unlimited warm water no matter how long the spray is. Such models utilize a strong heater to warm water immediately as it comes through the line. 

It uses electricity when in use. Other models draw a tiny amount of electricity to heat the water stored in tanks. 


Q: What Does Cold Water Feel in a Bidet?

A cold water bidet will feel like washing yourself with a focused stream of icy water straight on your anus. It can feel unpleasant to some, but warm water lets you feel a nice, comforting cleansing experience. 

Q:  Should I Be Uncomfortable When Using Cold Water Bidet?

Discomfort related to temperature is not a typical complaint with using a bidet. However, bidet water can be uncomfortable for other users, particularly people living in cold weather climates. 

Q: Should My Bidet Water Be Warm?

You don’t need to endure cold water if you have a bidet with a warm feature. There are models of bidets with dryer and warm water functions, so you can be comfortable from beginning to end. 

Final Thoughts

Bidets are just easy to use and install. They are also quite refreshing and comfortable to use and guarantee clean, healthy well-being. Also, they let you cut back on toilet paper.

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