Are Bidets Safe for Women?

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Apart from providing women with a hygienic and thorough experience than toilet paper, there are numerous safe benefits to using a bidet.

For example, bidets are gentle and tender on women’s sensitive areas, while toilet paper can be irritating and rough.

If you have limited mobility that makes wiping challenging, a bidet can also help you to use the bathroom on your own.

In this article, you’ll get the answer to one of the most asked questions “Are Bidets Safe for Women?“.

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How Are Bidets Safe for Women? 

Other types of bidets feature a warm water wash that supports minimizing discomfort associated with constipation and hemorrhoids.

When it comes to cleaning, dry toilet paper can’t be as efficient as water. Other bidets also go as far as having a warm air dryer, which makes the time spent on the sit all the more worth it. 

Here are some of the practical benefits of bidets for women: 

1. It Helps With Their Menstruation

Bidets have been demonstrated to be useful during the menstrual period. Other people might believe that menstrual flow is just blood. But that’s not the case.

It also has other constituents such as vaginal mucus, cervical mucus, and degenerated endometrial particles.

When menstrual flow comes into contact with the air, the bacteria present in the air act on it, so it decomposes, creating an overpowering smell.

The feminine wash feature of a bidet gently washes and cleanses the vaginal region, eliminating any smell of what an unpleasant time of the month can be.

Bidets Helps With Their Menstruation

2. Lessen Yeast, Urinary Tract Infections, and Hemorrhoids

An infection like UTI can result in the buildup of unpleasant smells and itching. During treatments of such infections, the relaxing effect of the bidet’s cleaning offers relief for their symptoms.

Also, using toilet paper for women with hemorrhoids can be extremely painful.

You might understand that no matter how soft the toilet paper is, it will still hurt, especially if you bleed while pooping. That’s why women afflicted with hemorrhoids find bidets extremely comfortable.  

3. Constipation Relief 

Are you feeling backed up as a result of your pregnancy, diet, or a little too much cheese and wine? Constipation is an uncomfortable but typical occurrence for most women.

The ability to adjust water temperature and pressure can offer you rear with a quality, spa-like experience that will stimulate your bottom and help get things moving. 

Now, constipation relief is within easy reach if you install a bidet toilet seat in your bathroom. 

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4. It Soothes Irritation and Discomfort

The temperature of a bidet water system can differ with the water stream’s intensity and the water wash’s direction. That enables you to get maximum satisfaction in relaxing irritations and stop further discomfort and inflammation that can lead to rough pressure or rubbing.

For some women, itching is a major problem. That’s because of the residue left by the use of a paper towel. Also, using bidets can remove anal itching and help them feel a lot better.

In cases of Chron’s disease that results in a substantial inflammation and irritation of many parts of the gastrointestinal tract and result in the frequent use of the toilet, bidets can function as an efficient and better way of cleaning to prevent the irritation caused by the use of paper towels. 

5. Safe for Aging Elders With Mobility Problems

There’s always the issue of dependence on the aged regarding toilet stuff. Bidets have been created to be easily used and can offer them nearly total freedom. 

Those with mobility problems, arthritis, fecal or urinary incontinence now have enough to meet their bathroom needs. That removes the indignity which comes with depending on other people on such matters. 

Also, urinary incontinence is a lack of control of a woman’s ability to urinate, typical in older individuals. Ten percent of people sixty-five years old and older are considered to encounter this issue. 

Bidet offers a fast and simple means to stay fresh to those senior women suffering from urinary incontinence. 

Does Using a Bidet Cause Infection in Women?

Does using a bidet cause infection in women? The answer is no. Using a bidet itself does not cause infection. However, shared toilet accessories like bidets can contain viruses and fecal bacteria.

If those microorganisms are on the bidet nozzle, they might start cross-contamination. That can result in bacterial infections. 

Nonetheless, that problem is substantially minimized in home environments. Since you pay utmost care to sanitation in your bathroom and it is not shared, the risk of infection is insignificant. 


Q: How Should Women Use a Bidet?

You can stay sitting if you’re using a standalone bidet toilet or a bidet toilet seat attachment. Meanwhile, if you’re using a freestanding bidet, you should get up and straddle the bidet, facing the water controls. 

Q: What’s the Ideal Bidet for Women?

The ideal bidet for women must have a feminine wash mode, which features a wide spray setting. You can guarantee you’ll get a full coverage cleaning with this type of bidet.

If you like a gentler experience, you can prefer a bidet equipped with an aerated spray. It will also help if you choose a self-cleansing spray to want to keep the bidet hygienic and sanitary. 

Q: Are Bidets Safe to Use for Women?

Yes. Bidets are 100% safe to use for women. Correct bidet use won’t cause any irritation or infection.

Unlike what most people think, a bidet utilizes fresh water directly from the waterline, not dirty water from the toilet.

You can also find bidets featuring self-cleaning modes that can clean the spray wands before and after use. 

Final Thoughts

Are you a woman who loves a spa day? Then there’s no reason to leave your house, let alone your toilet, to get that soothing experience.

With features such as wireless remote control, warm water wash, warm air dryer, and adjustable heated seat, bidets are certainly an excellent addition to any bathroom.

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