About Sethersons

Since 1993, Sethersons has been improving the level of bathroom experience by providing convenient and useful products for our customers’ homes. We believe better business and a better world go hand-in-hand.

Meet Our Team

We’re led by a team of experienced and motivated individuals dedicated to make Sethersons one of the top names in bidet & toilet accessories.

John Sethersons

John Setherson


Educated engineer and industrial plumber. Used to work as a product developer for one of the biggest bidet and toilet manufacturers in the USA. When the bidet trend started a few years back, most people trashed their traditional toilets and bought full scale expensive bidet toilets. He felt like the market was missing a simple bidet converter kit, so he developed that. That resulted in Sethersons being founded in 1993 and later became available on Sethersons.com


Customer Care

Amina has been with Sethersons all the way from when we started in 1993. She knows our products better than most and is known for going above and beyond for our valuable customers.



Ben plays a big part in product testing and development. He has worked as a plumber for 17 years and know what people need. Thanks to ben, our bidet converter kit has been made in a way that anyone can install it in under 15 minutes.




Margareth makes sure everything is moving along nicely behind the scenes and takes good care of suppliers, customers, and business clients.