The #1 Bidet Converter Kit

The Sethersons Non Electric Bidet Convert Kit is the most popular, easiest-to-install bidet attachment that fits onto your existing household toilet seats. It hides conveniently under your toilet set for perfect front and rear wash and with pressure and hot/cold water control, it leaves you feeling fresh after each use.

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Top Features

Setherson Bidet Converter Kit is the essential modern bidet attachment that every family should own. It has all the features you need and more to make it a solid product.

Ultimate Personal Hygiene

Sethersons Bidet Converter Kit is equipped with two nozzles at the front and back for a best rear wash and feminine wash.

Adjustable Water Pressure

With easy-to-access knobs, you can adjust the toilet water sprayer to your desired pressure level - light mist or strong jet.

Hot and Cold Water

Keep warm during the cold winter months or cool off when the weather heats up with an adjustable water temperature controller.

Self Cleaning Nozzle

After each use, Sethersons Bidet Converter Kit will automatically rinse thoroughly and retract the nozzle protection door to give you the best sanitary cleaning.

Sinking Design

Sethersons toilet bidet attachment comes with sinking design nozzle that minimizes the gap between lid and toilet after installation so you won't even know it's there.

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No Electric Connection

Our bidet convert kit does not require any electric connection as the hot water is sourced from a sink connection. And it fits most toilets seats.

Easy DIY Installation

Say no to costly plumbing charges. Our bidet converter kit takes only 15-minutes to install and anyone can do it.

Bidet Toilet Attachment Installation

Prep Your Toilet

Start by removing the toilet seat by lifting the hinge tabs and unscrewing the toilet seat bolts. Turn off the "shut off" valve and drain the tank by flushing the toilet. Disconnect the water supply hose from the toilet tank fill valve.

Install Your T-Valve

Unscrew the water supply hose from the toilet tank’s fill valve and connect the top of the T-Adapter to the toilet tank. For hot water connection, connect the female threaded end of the Hot Water T-Adapter to the sink’s hot water valve. You may place a towel or bucket underneath the toilet tank’s fill valve to catch any residual water.

Install Bidet Kit

Place your Sethersons Kit on the back of the toilet so the nozzles are centered in the bowl then line up the adjustable brackets with the bolt holes. Reattach your toilet seat using the original toilet seat hardware. Connect the open end of the bidet hose to the water inlet on the underside of the control panel. After

Check and Final Setup

Check that connections are properly secured, slowly turn on the shut off valve while checking for leaks. If there are no leaks, congrats! You did it! Turn on the water supply and you’re all set!

Sethersons Bidet Convert Kit 8

Sethersons™ Bidet Converter Kit

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The most popular, easiest-to-install bidet converter kit that fits onto most existing household toilet seats. Hides conveniently under your toilet set for perfect front and rear wash that leaves you feeling fresh.
  • Dual nozzle design suitable for rear wash and feminine wash
  • Adjustable water pressure controls
  • Hot and cold water control
  • Easy to install in less than 15 minutes
  • No electric connection or battery required
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Saves money and help the environment
  • Free and fast shipping with USPS & DHL (USA)
  • All products in stock in USA (Farmers Branch, Texas)
  • Get automatic discounts if you order two or more!

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Customer Reviews

Take a look at what our existing customers have to say about Sethersons Toilet Bidet Attachment.

DM Langmore
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I'm moderately handy and install was a breeze. The instructions are good enough that really anyone with an adjustable wrench can put one of these on. The self cleaning function is nice and the knobs are in a good location to be reached easily.
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My wife loves it. She says it is possibly one of the best purchases we have ever made and wishes we would have had one years ago. So, for all the married men out there, seems like an odd gift to purchase for a special occasion, but if you wanted to purchase something out of the blue that she might like, well, this might be your purchase to make.
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Sethersons Bidet Convert Kit has been life changing for our family. My wife was super skeptical about this device but I wasn’t so I bought it and installed it anyway. I was the first to use it and at first, the spray was a bit of a shock. But once the water started flowing I got used to it. When I was done my butt already felt cleaner than normal.


If you are new to toilet bidet attachments, there might be some questions on your mind. Here are the answers:

The water that the bidet sprays comes from the water supply. When connected, hot water comes from sink connection and doesn’t require electricity.

It’s not necessary but you can use a toilet paper after using bidet. Most people use 2-3 squares to dab dry while some use dedicated towels to dry.

If you’ve a flat toilet seat, most probably yes. Our Sethersons Bidet Convert Kit fits almost all the flat toilet seats.

No, the nozzles are retracted and covered so they do not get in the way and maintain hygiene. Plus, our product comes with a built in a self cleaning system so the nozzles are rinsed before each use.

For the cold water, the temperature is room-temperature as it sits in the water pipes. For hot water, the water is sourced from sink connection. You have the option to control water temperature.

Sethersons Bidet Attachment can be cleaned with a soft cloth and standard mild cleaning detergents. Since it is so easy to install, it’s easy to completely remove if you ever want to deep clean your toilet.

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